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           Specializing in Canine and Feline Neurology and Neurosurgery    
   4202 E Raymond Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85040    602-437-1488

Scott Plummer, D.V.M.
Diplomate, ACVIM (neurology)     
Kim Knowles, D.V.M., M.S.
Diplomate, ACVIM (neurology)
Jason Evans, M.S., D.V.M.
Diplomate, ACVIM (neurology)
Neurology Residents

Hillary Greatting, D.V.M.
Support Staff  (number in parenthesis equals the years employed at the VNC)
Business Manager
Linda Levesque (27)  Kim HooverC.V.T. (17)
Hospital Supervisor Jose Jayme, C.V.T. (7)
Wil Levesque, C.V.T. (24) 
Brian Boyer, C.V.T. (4)
Practice Manager Jennifer Cornwell, C.V.T. (1)
Dan LevesqueC.V.T. (15)
Adrell Nunez, C.V.T. (<1)
Office Manager
Nathaniel Nellessen (1)
Rio Elena Lopez (2) Laurie Nisbet (<1)
Receptionists Technician Asst./Bldg Maintenance
Jessica Torres (<1) James Burton (16)
Samantha Secore (<1) Technician Assistants
Lora Fiala (<1)  Michelle Browne (1)
Beth Hintz (<1)  Karyn Serrano (<1)
HR Assistant Jackie Bachand (<1)
Nancy Ternes (8) Night Caretakers
  Sarah Negelspach (4)
  Allison Jaycocks (4)
  Kathy Pasley (4) 


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