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4 Employment

The Veterinary Neurological Center is interested in meeting individuals who are looking to complement our excellent staff in Phoenix. If you have a genuine concern for pets and want to provide the highest possible care to our clients, patients and referring veterinarians, we invite you to apply for one of the following positions:




The Veterinary Neurological Center in Phoenix, Arizona is seeking a clinical neurologist/neurosurgeon. Duties include clinical neurology, neurosurgery, neurology resident training, and continuing education presentations to the local veterinary community. Serving Arizona veterinarians for more than 30 years, the VNC is the premier neurology referral practice in Arizona. The practice is housed in a 6800 sq. ft. stand-alone facility dedicated entirely to small animal neurology and neurosurgery. Diagnostic capabilities include in house csf analysis, electrodiagnostics, computed radiography, CT and MR (GE 1.5T) imaging.

A generous compensation package includes medical/dental insurance, retirement plan, continuing education allocation, and six weeks annual vacation. After hours consultations and weekend emergency duties are divided amongst 4 neurologists and the neurology resident(s).

If you wish to consider joining us in the heart of one of the most progressive metropolitan areas in the country with ready access to the Southwest's natural beauty please submit your cover letter and CV to:

Scott Plummer, DVM, DACVIM Neurology
4202 E. Raymond Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85040-1935
Ph: (602) 437-1488
Fax: (602) 437-5425
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.vetneuro.com

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the team at the Veterinary Neurological Center.

Neurology Residency Program
Click here to learn more about the VNC's Neurology Residency Program.
Technician Assistant

The Veterinary Neurological Center currently has no openings for a Technician Assistant/Night Caretaker. We are, however, always looking for excellent candidates. Please email your cover letter and resume if you would like to be considered when a position becomes available.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the team at the Veterinary Neurological Center.


The VNC is currently seeking a Full Time Technician to work alongside our skilled and dedicated support team assisting our neurologists. This person will work primarily as a Technician but, if proven, will have the opportunity to also work in an administrative/managerial role as detailed below. This is a unique opportunity for a positive, hard-working individual who is inspired by our synergistic culture which fosters learning and growth and leads to continual opportunities for those embracing responsibility.

The VNC is commited to hiring professional, positive, and passionate individuals who will be a good fit with our existing excellent team and contribute to an enjoyable environment where each employee works together to achieve the goal of providing extraordinary care to each patient, client, and the veterinarians who refer to us.

1. Technician

Description: Work with doctors and technicians to help ensure each patient is receiving the highest quality care when hospitalized and before, during and after anesthetic procedures. Work effeciently as a team to help the day flow smoothly.

Responsibilities: Each responsibility is given once the employee has been properly trained and has demonstrated mastery of a more basic skill: .               .                  

  • Animal Restraint
  • Nursing
  • Jugular Venipuncture
  • IV Catheterization
  • Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Radiology
  • Client Communication
  • Surgical Monitoring
  • CT Scanning
  • CSF Analysis
  • MRI Scanning                                                                                                  

Essential Qualities:

  • Love and compassion for animals...treat each patient as own
  • Professional, responsible and eager to assist technicians and doctors with each case
  • Team-oriented wiuth a positive attitude that facillitates effeciency and contributes to an enjoyable environment
  • Follow proper-procedures and question processes if unclear or notice areas of improvement
  • Meticulous detail in all aspects of each case
  • Self-motivated to seek out further responsibility, especially during slow periods

2. Technician Administrative Assistant

Description: Additional responsibility will be available to the employee after an initial training period as a Technician and once the canidate:

  1. has become profecient as a Technician at the Veterinary Neurological Center
  2. has exhibited excellent leadership qualities.
  3. actively seeks out responsibility while striving to uphold and promore quality in all processes

Assist Technician Manager/Hospital Supervisor with tasks and projects that will improve the quality of medical care and hospital effeciency.

Responsibilities: The area of responsibility could vary depending on skills and proficiency, but the opportunity to assist/manage will be available based on current circumstances in one or more of the following capacities (not all-inclusive):  

  • Task/Project Management
  • Weekly Meeting Implementations
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Medical/Technical Writing
  • Photography/Videography
  • OSHA Management
  • Controlled Drug Management

Essential Qualities:

  • Strong character - understand that core values are a vital ingredient in our hospital's success
  • Leadership - ability to motivate and promote positive and professional tendencies
  • Responsible - follow through with what you say you are going to do
  • Highly organized - facilitating effecieny in all aspects of job
  • Self-motivated to accept much more than just the status quo
  • "Think outside the box" and notice problems and brainstorm, discuss and implement solutions
  • Technically savvy to navigate computers and software easily to convert ideas into practical tools
  • Writing proficiency to convey messages and thoughts that truly connect with the target audience
  • Excellent Communication with doctors and others to effeciently collaborate and excecute plans
  • Emotionallly Intelligent - ability to put self in others' shoes to help understand others' needs
  • Assertive enabling him/her to follow through with others and take lead on projects
  • Work Independently so can execute tasks with little oversight, but with constant communication
  • Achieve quality by following established systems yet noticing problems and suggesting solutions
  • Humility to welcome and learn from positive critique and suggestions
  • Thoughtful decision making ability via thorough examination and consideration of all factors resulting in the best direction.

The VNC offers competitive salary and benefits. Please fax or email your cover letter and resume, attention: Wil Levesque (Hospital Supervisor). If you are contacted for an interview, please fill out our Employment Application prior to your arrival.

Since 1986, the Veterinary Neurological Center has been providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with neurological disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. The VNC is a referral practice in Arizona specializing in the neurological and neurosurgical treatment of small animals. The Veterinary Neurological Center is dedicated to providing the very best service to every client, patient and veterinarian who refers them to us while creating an enjoyable, challenging environment for our employees to learn and grow.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the team at the Veterinary Neurological Center.

Client Service Representative

   The Veterinary Neurological Center currently has no openings for a Client Service Representative. We are, however,    always looking for excellent candidates. Please email your cover letter and resume if you would like to be considered    when a position becomes available. 

   Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the team at the Veterinary Neurological Center.