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Condition marked by loss of muscle tone (and possibly uncontrollable desire to sleep or by sudden attacks of sleep) occurring at intervals.

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Death of cells or tissue.


necrotizing encephalitis

Inflammation of the brain in which extensive brain necrosis occurs.

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brain  ;  encephalitis  ;  necrosis

necrotizing meningoencephalitis

Inflammation and necrosis of the brain and spinal cord.

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brain ; inflammation ; necrosis ; spinal cord


New growth of benign or malignant tissue; see tumor.

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benign  ;  malignant  ;  tumor


A disease caused by the protozoa, Neospora Caninum.

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disease  ;  protozoa


Enclosed, cable-like bundle of axons.

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nerve conduction velocity (NCV) study

A procedure used to measure the adequacy of conduction of a nerve impulse, thereby detecting nerve disorders (e.g. neuropathies) or nerve injuries.

nerve plexus

A network of intersecting nerves.

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nerve  ;  plexus

nerve root

The start of the nerve as it leaves the spinal cord and passes through the left and right foramen to serve an area of the body.

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foramen  ;  nerve  ;  spinal cord


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