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spinal canal

The space that houses the spinal cord throughout the length of the spinal column and provides openings for the exit of paired spinal nerves from the spinal cord; also called the vertebral canal.

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nerve ; spinal column ; spinal cord ; vertebral canal

spinal column

See spine.

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spinal cord

Part of the central nervous system, a column of nervous tissue that runs from the base of the skull down the back.  It is surrounded by three protective membranes (i.e. meninges) and is enclosed within vertebrae that compose the spine.  It carries most of the messages between the brain and the rest of the body.

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brain ; central nervous system (CNS) ; meninges ; spine ; vertebra

spinal infarct

Sometimes called a spinal "stroke", a spinal cord infarction occurs when one of the three major arteries that supply blood to the spinal cord is blocked. Therefore, the spinal cord is deprived of oxygen, resulting in injury and destruction of the nerve fibers. The resulting disability depends on where the spinal cord was injured and the extent of the blockage. Everything below the occlusion will be affected.

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blood ; fiber ; infarct ; nerve ; spinal cord ; stroke

spinal tap

A procedure in which a needle is inserted into the subarachnoid space and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is withdrawn; a cisternal tap is performed in the upper cervical area called the cerebellomedullary cistern and a lumbar tap is performed in the patient's lower back region.

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cerebellomedullary cistern ; cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ; cervical ; cisterna ; lumbar ; subarachnoid space

spinal tumor

Neoplasm located in the spine; depending on their location, spinal cord tumors can be extradural (outside the dura mater), intradural (part of the dura), or intramedullary (inside the spinal cord).  

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dura mater ; neoplasm ; spinal cord ; spine ; tumor


The series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord; comprised (in dogs and cats) of seven cervical, thirteen thoracic, seven lumbar, three sacral, and up to 20 coccygeal (tail) vertebrae; also called vertebral column, spinal column, and backbone.

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cervical ; coccyx ; lumbar ; sacrum ; spinal cord ; thorax ; vertebra


Thickened caudal border of the corpus callosum.

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caudal  ;  corpus callosum

spondylosis deformans

Noninflammatory condition associated with degeneration of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disk leading to the formation of bony spurs and bridges at the intervertebral spaces along the ventral spine.  The ossification is frequently present in the caudal thoracic and caudal lumbar vertebrae.  Spondlylosis does not cause degeneration of the center (nucleus pulposus) of the disk or disk protrusion and rarely causes any neurological signs; occasionally it can cause spinal pain.

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annulus fibrosus ; caudal ; degeneration ; inflammation ; intervertebral disk ; lumbar ; spine ; thorax ; vertebra

staggering disease

See feline nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis.

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feline nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis

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