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Common pesticide that contains phosphorus.

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A tumor of the bone.

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Related Words
sarcoma  ;  tumor

otitis media/interna

Inflammation of the middle (otitis media) and inner (otitis interna) ears, commonly caused by bacterial infection.


Related Words

bacteria ; ear ; infection ; inflammation ; inner ear ; middle ear

packed cell volume (PCV)

a common test in a CBC; used to determine if anemia or polycythemia is present by measuring the percentage of erythrocytes (red blood cells) present in the blood with respect to plasma; also called hematocrit (HCT).

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Related Words

anemia ; blood ; complete blood count (CBC) ; hematocrit (HCT) ; plasma ; polycythemia


Paralysis of a muscle group usually from dysfunction of a specific nerve, e.g., facial nerve=Bell's palsy.

Related Words
facial nerve  ;  nerve  ;  paralysis


Benign inflammation of multiple bones, common in young, large breed dogs.

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Related Words
benign  ;  inflammation


A branching benign tumor derived from epithelium (e.g. wart).

Related Words

benign  ;  epithelium  ;  tumor


Loss of motor function in a body part.



A substance that is attracted by a magnet and assumes a position parallel to the magnetic force but does not become permanently magnetized.


paraneoplastic syndrome

A inflammatory disorder triggered by the body's immune system in response to the presence of cancer.

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Related Words

cancer ; inflammation ; metastasis ; syndrome ; tumor

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