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See paralysis.

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A network of nerves, blood vessels, or lymphatic tissue.



Inflammation of more than one joint usually due to an immune-mediated disorder.


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arthritis ; immune-mediated disease ; inflammation


Increase in the number of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in the blood.

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Systemic, noninfectious, possibly immune-mediated, inflammatory muscle disorder.  It may be acute or chronic and progressive.  Clinical signs include depression, lethargy, weakness, weight loss, lameness, myalgia, and muscle atrophy.

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Related Words

acute ; atrophy ; chronic ; immune-mediated disease ; infection ; inflammation ; myalgia



Inflammation of many nerves at once, often immune-mediated.

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immune-mediated disease  ;  inflammation  ;  nerve


An abnormal growth protruding from a mucus membrane.

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Inflammation of peripheral nerves and spinal nerve roots.  A common form of this condition is coonhound paralysis.

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coonhound paralysis ; inflammation ; nerve ; nerve root ; peripheral nervous system (PNS)


Middle aspect of the brainsten, between the midbrain rostrally and the medulla oblongata caudally; part of the metencephalon; relays information between the cerebrum and cerebellum.

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Related Words

brainstem ; caudal ; cerebellum ; cerebrum ; medulla oblongata ; metencephalon ; midbrain ; rostral

portosystemic shunt

An abnormal blood vessel that bypasses the liver causing blood to be circulated through the body without being cleared of toxins and other metabolic by-products.

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blood  ;  liver  ;  metabolic  ;  toxin


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