Specializing in Canine and Feline Neurology and Neurosurgery for over 30 years

     Specializing in Canine and Feline Neurology and Neurosurgery for over 30 years

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The series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord; comprised (in dogs and cats) of seven cervical, thirteen thoracic, seven lumbar, three sacral, and up to 20 coccygeal (tail) vertebrae; also called vertebral column, spinal column, and backbone.

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Related Words

cervical ; coccyx ; lumbar ; sacrum ; spinal cord ; thorax ; vertebra


Thickened caudal border of the corpus callosum.

Related Words

caudal  ;  corpus callosum

spondylosis deformans

Noninflammatory condition associated with degeneration of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disk leading to the formation of bony spurs and bridges at the intervertebral spaces along the ventral spine.  The ossification is frequently present in the caudal thoracic and caudal lumbar vertebrae.  Spondlylosis does not cause degeneration of the center (nucleus pulposus) of the disk or disk protrusion and rarely causes any neurological signs; occasionally it can cause spinal pain.

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Related Words

annulus fibrosus ; caudal ; degeneration ; inflammation ; intervertebral disk ; lumbar ; spine ; thorax ; vertebra

staggering disease

See feline nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis.

Related Words
feline nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis

status epilepticus

Medical emergency generally considered to be more than 7 minutes of either continuous seizure activity or two or more sequential seizures without full recovery of consciousness in between them.

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Narrowing or stricture of a duct or canal.


storage diseases

Metabolic disorders characterized by the accumulation of certain substances in various tissues in abnormal amounts; two commonly reported in veterinary medicine are lysosomal and glycogen storage disease.

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Misalignment of the eyes with each other.

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Sudden loss of neurological function caused by a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel to the brain or spinal cord; includes infarction and hemorrhage subtypes.

Related Words
blood  ;  brain  ;  infarct  ;  spinal cord


strychnine poisoning

Caused by a chemical found in Strychnos (a genus of tropical trees) that results in excitation of all parts of the central nervous system by blocking postsynaptic inhibition of neural impulses.

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Related Words
central nervous system (CNS)  ;  neuron  ;  synapse

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