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An acute, often fatal disease caused by the toxin of the bacteria Clostridium tetani, which typically infects the body through a deep wound; characterized by spasmodic contraction of voluntary muscles, especially those of the neck and jaw; primarily affects the spinal cord but could have local form (e.g. one limb).

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bacteria  ;  disease  ;  toxin


Paresis in all four limbs.

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Paralysis in all four limbs.

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Part of the diencephalon; either of two large ovoid structures composed of gray matter and situated at the base of the cerebrum. It functions as a relay station in which sensory pathways of the spinal cord and brainstem form synapses on their way to the cerebral cortex.

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brainstem ; cerebral cortex ; cerebrum ; diencephalon ; gray matter ; spinal cord ; synapse

thiamine deficiency

Syndrome associated with vascular injury and nerve damage caused by inadequate dietary intake of thiamine, a component of vitamin B1. 

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nerve  ;  syndrome  ;  vascular


The chest; dogs and cats have 13 thoracic vertebrae.

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Formation in a blood vessel of a clot (thrombus) that breaks loose and is carried by the blood stream to plug another vessel. The clot may plug a vessel in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), brain (stroke), gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or leg.

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blood ; brain ; embolus ; kidney ; stroke ; thrombus


A blood clot that forms in a vessel.

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tick paralysis

The loss of muscle function due to a bite from a tick; the tick secretes a neurotoxin that inhibits communication between cells at the neuromuscular junction.

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neuromuscular junction  ;  toxin

toad poisoning

Poisoning caused by toxins secreted from the skin of certain toads and salamanders.

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