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An automatic mechanical device designed to provide all or part of the work the body must produce to move gas into and out of the lungs for patients who are unable to breathe (e.g. during general anesthesia) or have difficulty breathing.  During general anesthesia, a tube is placed in the patient's windpipe (process called intubation) and connected to the ventilator to supply air to the lungs.  In an anesthesia circuit the bag/bellows on the ventilator are used to determine the size/pressure and rate of breaths and can easily be adjusted depending on patient status.

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Denoting a position toward the front or underside.


Four cerebrospinal fluid filled cavities (paired lateral, third, and fourth ventricles) deep within the brain that communicate with each other, the central canal of the spinal cord and the subarachnoid space; part of the ventricular system.

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brain ; central canal ; cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ; spinal cord ; subarachnoid space ; ventricular system

ventricular system

The subarachnoid space, the central canal of the spinal cord, the four ventricles of the brain and the mesencephalic aqueduct.

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►click here to learn more-link provided by: University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine 

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brain ; central canal ; mesencephalic aqueduct ; spinal cord ; subarachnoid space ; ventricles

vertebral canal

See spinal canal.

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spinal canal

vertebral column

See spine.

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vertebral osteomyelitis

Inflammation of the vertebra, without concurrent disk infection, usually caused by either a bacteria or fungus.

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bacteria ; disk ; fungus ; infection ; inflammation ; vertebra

vestibular apparatus

The portions of the inner ear (vestibule and three semicircular canals) that work, as part of the vestibular system, with the brain to maintain the body’s orientation in space, balance, and posture.  

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brain  ;  inner ear  ;  vestibular system

vestibular disease

A general term referring to any abnormality of the vestibular system; a problem in the inner ear, vestibulocochlear nerve, or the brain can affect the vestibular system.

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brain ; inner ear ; vestibular system ; vestibulocochlear nerve

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