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dancing Doberman disease

A neuromuscular disease of Doberman Pinschers; affected dogs may alternately flex and extend both pelvic limbs in a dance-like fashion.

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Inability to hear.

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The change of tissue from a higher to lower, less functionally active form.

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degenerative joint disease

Condition where normal joints change due to "wear & tear" or injuries; may result in inflammation, pain or dysfunction.

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ataxia ; disease ; fiber ; myelin ; paresis ; spinal cord

degenerative myelopathy

A progressive disease of the spinal cord resulting in ataxia and paresis of the limbs; similar to multiple sclerosis in humans in that they both destroy myelin fibers in the spinal cord.


Destruction or loss of the myelin sheath surrounding axons; results in impaired nerve impulse conduction.

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axon  ;  myelin  ;  nerve


Loss of nerve supply.

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Inflammation of the skin having many causes such as direct contact with an irritating substance, an allergic reaction, bacterial infection or malnutrition. Signs include redness, itching, and sometimes, blistering.


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bacteria  ;  infection  ;  inflammation

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