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Sounds with frequencies above 20,000 Hz.

ultrasonic aspirator

An apparatus commonly used in human neurosurgery to remove tissue; the tip ultrasonically vibrates at about 25KHz to break up tissue which is removed by an attached piece that provides irrigation and suction.

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upper motor neuron

A neuron that is part of the motor nerve pathway that orignates in the brain and terminates at a peripheral motor neuron; damage to this pathway releases the peripheral nerve from central control, often causing exaggerated responses. 

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brain ; central nervous system (CNS) ; motor nerve ; motor neruon ; neruon ; peripheral nervous system (PNS)

urine specific gravity (USG)

Measures the concentrating ability of the kidney tubules and hydration status of the patient;  in general, the greater the USG, the more concentrated the urine.

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